October 15th - December 12th

6:30 - 8:00 PM

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New Testament believers are in God’s household. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, with spiritual fathers and mothers. We are to treat one another as family. Both of these images of the church, a body and a family, emphasize closeness, familiarity, oneness, and unity. The people of God are those who truly care, love, and encourage one another to grow in Christ. This kind of familiarity and love takes place in a context where people truly know each other. The New Testament gives a high priority for meeting in homes and the first century church called this type of gathering, Koinonia. It is a timeless meaning, original to its first Christian church application. For us currently, the meaning is the same application today.

We encourage you to follow the New Testament models that clearly display small gatherings as the norm and dynamic pattern for deeper fellowship, Koinonia. Our hope is that the ministry of spiritual gifts will be practiced in knowledge and truth, and as a connection point for reaching the lost, exercising healthy grace toward each other. Empowered believers exercise their relationship with God to be a healthy, growing, and fruitful people. Christians aren’t meant to be in willful isolation. They need to be around other believers and Jesus Christ to grow properly.

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